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Commercial Lighting: Hotels, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Golf Clubs, Public Buildings

The Hotel Californian is part of a much larger project completed in 2014 for the Entrada de Santa Barbara.  Handelman Studios provided over 350 fixtures with over 100 different styles to be installed over 5 different buildings, several courtyards and the Hotel.  We were tasked with interpreting designs sent by the Specifier, creating a submittal package detailing each designs material weights, measurements, finish and glass choices, and engineer each design received to pass UL codes. As a result of this job we added several new designs to our catalog in the Moorish Style. See the Ceylon Pendant, Adila Pendant,  Anika PendantCairo Pendant.  These complex jobs require expert communication, organization and a skilled team of artisans. We have the experience and skills to make this happen.

There is a great amount of detail and engineering that goes into every design. Changing the designs or creating new sizes  to accommodate the project is not a common practice for most manufactures.  The reason is that most manufactured goods are made from tooled parts and assembled into the finished product.  The tools used to create those parts are very expensive.   Changing the size, or design configuration would be a big expense especially if there were a limited amount of light fixtures involved that would not allow the manufacture to recuperate the set up expenses.

 Our products do not involve tooled parts.   We hand make every product including the parts that make up the finished item. It takes more time and skill to create products this way, but has the advantage of greater flexibility, and allows us to make smaller amounts that will satisfy individual customer needs. 

On a job like this, over 100 hours were required just in communicating with the various people involved.  The time to fabricate these complicated fixtures required hundreds more hours.  This type of work is not common today.   We are one of the few manufactures that are willing and happy to take on these kinds of jobs.  At Steven Handelman Studios we take great pride in making products that are unique, handmade, and have special meaning to their owners.