Standard Products
These are all of the products represented in our catalog and web site in their original unchanged form. We will “customize” these products with our standard choices for finish, glass, and mounting configuration. Standard products may be returned with studio permission. A 25% restock fee will apply and store credit will be issued for the return.

New Size Products
These are standard products in every way, except they are made larger, or smaller in direct scaled proportion to the original. These products require a drawing showing the new size and must be submitted for approval to the customer. New size products cannot be returned, and are subject to a “new size/ submittal fee” disclosed at the time of purchase.

Modified Products
These are products that are modified in some way to change them from the Standard form. They may exchange a part, or add, or subtract a design element, or some other modification required for the job. These products cannot be returned and require a new drawing/ submittal fee that will be disclosed at the time of purchase.

Custom Products
These are products that are new and different from our Standard product line. We will quote prices for custom products upon request. Specific information regarding size, quantity and special considerations must be supplied at the time of the request. All custom products require drawings that will be submitted for approval. A new design/submittal fee shall be required and will be disclosed at the time of purchase. These products cannot be returned.

Each product is measured from the very widest part x the very highest part. All measurement list the width first and the height second. Because our products are handmade the measurements will vary slightly from the listed sizes.

Chandelier with product measurements

Example: Lancaster 36” Chandelier: 36” dia. x 16”

Lantern with product measurements

What is OAH- chandelier hanging over table

Example: Lancaster rectangle chandelier

The OAH is the measurement from the point of attachment at the ceiling to where you want to the bottom of the chandelier to hang. You supply the measurement of the OAH and we will put the right amount of chain on the chandelier to conform to your OAH specifications.

Fixture hanging height with measurements

Example: Anacapa 8” pendant

The suggested minimum measurement above the finished floor (AFF) is 7’2”. To get the OAH you must subtract 7’2” from the ceiling height. (total ceiling height at location of chandelier – 7’2”=OAH.) You may want to hang the fixtures higher, depending on the height of the ceiling. The higher the ceilings, the higher the chandeliers should hang off the finished floor.

Point of attachment picture with measurements

Example: Image Below

It is the point at which the fixture mounts to the electrical box. The measurement from the point of attachment to the top and bottom are notated with each product. This will allow you to locate the electrical boxes at the right height.

Light fixture over table with measurements

Example: Avion three light below.

The suggested measurement is 30” to 36” above the surface the fixtures hangs over, or about 6’ off the finished floor.

There is 3’ chain included with every hanging fixture. Additional standard chain is charged at $6.00/ft.

Chandelier over table with measurements

Example: La Scala chandelier.

The chandelier should be about ½ of the width of a round table and 2/3 the width of a rectangular table.

If the room is 10’x12’, add those numbers to get 22’, convert that number to inches and that is the size of the correct chandelier, ie. Chandelier should be 22” dia.

If there are trusses dividing the room the proportion is established by the interval of those trusses. Chandeliers should be about half the measurement between the trusses. A chandelier with more visual mass should be smaller that one that has less mass.

We can make our fixtures in a larger size that will be the correct proportion for your door.

Large doors in arch

Example: Arlington 12” wall bracket

Large door with light fixture on side

Example: Andalucia 9” chain hung wall bracket

Outdoor fixture with size measurements

Example: Andalucia 12” wall bracket

Outdoor fixtures are usually located by doors and are designed to be in proportion to the height of those doors.

Andalucia 12” wall bracket: Next to 8’ doors with 1’ transom. Notice the pot under the light to keep people from walking into the lanterns.

If there is a design element that surrounds the door, then the height is the entire design element.

Our outdoor fixtures are identified by the width. Ie. 10” La Hacienda is 10” wide at the widest part of the fixture. Standard door height (6’8”) should have fixtures that are 5”-7” wide. 7’ high doors should have fixtures 7’-9” wide. 8’ high doors 10’-12” wide. Doors over 8’ high, or doors with surrounds should have fixtures over 12” wide. You may want to consult with our design staff about the correct size.

Two light fixtures on the side of large building

Example: Anacapa 14” wall bracket

Yes, we can make larger sizes, or custom sizes of most of our products.

Scan of submittal form

Example of Submittal form

A submittal is a written document detailing the specifications, measurements, lamping, finish and glass choices and is required on any modified or custom product. A written approval is required to proceed on any project requiring a submittal. Any item requiring a submittal is not returnable.

Wall lantern as pendant

Example: Mission Ridge Ground Mount

Yes, all of our outdoor lanterns are made in Wall Bracket, Flush mount, Pier and Post mount, and Pendants. We also make many of our outdoor lanterns as ground mount landscape and as pathway lighting.

Please note all finish choices must be made before your order can be processed.

AG = Antique Gold
BKR = Black Rust
BKV = Black Verde
BLK! = Black/standard no charge finish
BNR = Brown Rust
BRA = Brown Rust Aggregate
BNG = Burnished Gold
BZV = Bronze Verde
Pwdr Ct. = Powder Coat

NT = Nutmeg
NTR = Nutmeg Rust
OS = Old Steel
PT = Pewter
RTP = Rusty Pewter
RTS = Rusty Sand
SND = Sand
TBD = To Be Decided

Please note all finish choices must be made before your order can be processed.

CLR = Clear window glass/standard no charge
HAM = Hammered
HO = Honey Opal
HS = Heavy Seeded
LS = Light Seeded
WO = White Opal
RES = Restoration Glass
LS/White = combination light seeded/white opal

FST = Frosted Clear
AM/FST = Amber Frosted
HAM/FST = Hammered Frosted
HS/FST = Heavy Seeded/Frosted
RES/FST = Restoration/Frosted
LS/FST = Light Seeded/Frosted
AM/MUF = Amber Muffel

Hanging = any chandelier, you must specify the OAH (overall height) when ordering.

Wall Bracket (W/B)=outdoor lanterns hanging from a bracket projecting from the wall.

Wall Sconce (W/S) = interior wall sconce

Flush Mount (F/M – wall) = outdoor lantern flush mounted to wall (no bracket)

Flush Mount (F/M – ceiling) = ceiling mounted fixtures mounted directly to ceiling

Semi-Flush Mount= (s.f/m) Indoor ceiling mounted fixtures that hang just below the ceiling.

Pendant = a box-like chandelier hanging from three or more chains or rods.

Post Mount = Outdoor lantern mounted on Post, or Pipe. Arlington 12” Post Mount on Cast Aluminum Post

Ground Mount (g/m)=Outdoor lanterns mounted in ground

One panel firescreen on fireplace

Example: Custom One Panel Screen

Example: Operating doors attached to firebox opening

Example: Bonita Three Panel Screen

Example of a Steven Handelman firescreen on a fire place.

Example: Installed firescreen

We have provided a fire screen worksheet that explains the measuring process for Flush and Inside Mount screens. Please follow the steps and submit your order to the showroom.

If you would like to download the Inside Mount Fire Screen Work Sheet, click here.

If you would like to download the Flush Mount Fire Screen Work Sheet, click here.

Yes, we will gladly assist you with your style selection process and recommend the correct size for each choice. The best results are attained by a visit to the showroom where we can compile a complete lighting plan for your project. You can also call, or send pictures to get assistance with choices and size recommendations.

Yes, all our products are handmade using blacksmithing techniques. We take great care in the quality of every product. Each piece is sanded, slag removed, welds ground smooth, cracks filled and quality inspected for overall appearance. However, small imperfections grind marks, slight differences in size and variations in our hand-applied finishes may occur. These variations are not considered defects. Slight variations add to the unique look and feel of each of our products. Each item achieves an individual personality created through the hands of our craftsmen. Each premium finish is hand applied to greatly enhance the overall look of the product and give it an authentic aged and elegant appearance.

Wrought iron products are subject to rust and the finishes will fade over time with exposure to the sun. We offer a Powder Coat upgrade that will extend the life of the finishes and help to prevent rust. This extra protection should be used in locations that get harsh sun and excessive moisture.

Wrought iron products will require maintenance over their lifetime to keep the finishes fresh. We recommend using car wax on metal products to maintain the luster and beauty of the hand applied finishes.

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to make a decision from a picture or choose the right size from a catalog specification. We will loan you fixtures from our “library” to assist you in our selection process. This will give you an idea of the size and weight of the product. The sample may not be in a custom color and may not include glass. In order to memo a fixture we will need a current credit card number. You will pay for shipping of the product and return it to us in good condition with in three days of receiving it.

All of our products are made to order and require a twelve weekslead time. However, we do have some items that are available for immediate shipment. Please check with our sales staff, or go to our Quick Ship Section for information on those items.

Yes, we do have items on sale. They may be discontinued products, or items that have been returned, or made as extra’s. Please inquire with the sales staff, or look at our Quick Ship section for information on those items. Occasionally we have items that are in our inventory that we want to close out at a sale price. These items our processed in our regular twelve weeks delivery time, but are sold at discounted prices. Items that are sold on sale are not returnable.

Can Light trim easily attaches to the ceiling with drywall screws. There is a bayonet type base mount that allows you access to the light bulb.

Coming soon

Coming soon

We offer a Powder Coat upgrade that is a very strong base finish and will extend the life of all finishes. This is especially important for projects that are close to the Ocean, or in harsh climates.