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Our unique selection of fixtures help homeowners, designers and architects like you choose lighting that seamlessly blends style and function, creates an inviting atmosphere and bring your unique vision to life.
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Lighting is often described as the ‘jewelry’ of the home

And when done correctly, can transform your project. but let’s face it, knowing where to strat can feel overwhelming.

What size fixtures do i need? in what style? what should my budget be? what is OAH? these are all question you may find yourself asking as you embark on the design.

if you’re facing stuck, out teams of design expert will work closely with you to understand your vision and help you choose the perfect lighting solution

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Make a Statement Our unique selection boasts hundreds of designs you won’t find anywhere else.

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Don’t Compromise Customize the size, style, and mounting of any fixture you see, or design a light of your own.

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Made to Last Made from high quality iron, our fixtures are durable and resistant to wear and tear.


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Some of most Frequently asked questions.

Standard Products
These are all of the products represented in our catalog and web site in their original unchanged form. We will “customize” these products with our standard choices for finish, glass, and mounting configuration. Standard products may be returned with studio permission. A 25% restock fee will apply and store credit will be issued for the return.

New Size Products
These are standard products in every way, except they are made larger, or smaller in direct scaled proportion to the original. These products require a drawing showing the new size and must be submitted for approval to the customer. New size products cannot be returned, and are subject to a “new size/ submittal fee” disclosed at the time of purchase.

Modified Products
These are products that are modified in some way to change them from the Standard form. They may exchange a part, or add, or subtract a design element, or some other modification required for the job. These products cannot be returned and require a new drawing/ submittal fee that will be disclosed at the time of purchase.

Custom Products
These are products that are new and different from our Standard product line. We will quote prices for custom products upon request. Specific information regarding size, quantity, and special considerations must be supplied at the time of the request. All custom products require drawings that will be submitted for approval. A new design/submittal fee shall be required and will be disclosed at the time of purchase. These products cannot be returned.

Example: Lancaster rectangle chandelier

The OAH is the measurement from the point of attachment at the ceiling to where you want to the bottom of the chandelier to hang. You supply the measurement of the OAH and we will put the right amount of chain on the chandelier to conform to your OAH specifications.

Fixture hanging height with measurements

Example: Anacapa 8” pendant

The suggested minimum measurement above the finished floor (AFF) is 7’2”. To get the OAH you must subtract 7’2” from the ceiling height. (total ceiling height at location of chandelier – 7’2”=OAH.) You may want to hang the fixtures higher, depending on the height of the ceiling. The higher the ceilings, the higher the chandeliers should hang off the finished floor.

Point of attachment picture with measurements

Example: Image Below

It is the point at which the fixture mounts to the electrical box. The measurements from the point of attachment to the top and bottom are notated with each product. This will allow you to locate the electrical boxes at the right height.

Light fixture over table with measurements

Example: Avion three light below.

The suggested measurement is 30” to 36” above the surface the fixtures hangs over, or about 6’ off the finished floor.

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