Historic Lighting Restoration

Revive Cherished Antiques with Specialized
Lighting Restoration​

Treasured for their craftsmanship and nostalgic value, antique lighting fixtures accentuate the charm of period homes. But damaged components, corroded frames, faulty wiring and worn finishes can render aging chandeliers, sconces and table lamps unsafe and unattractive. This is where SH Studios comes in.


As a specialist lighting restoration studio with over a century of heritage serving discerning collectors and historic buildings in the region, we are devoted to the sensitive revitalization of vintage lighting pieces. Whether it is your grandmother’s Art Deco chandelier or the Mid-Century teak floor lamps from your first apartment, our master artisans breathe new life into sentimental classics with specialized repairs, rewiring, conservation and customization.

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From strengthening wrought iron frames to recreating missing crystal strands, upgrading lamp wiring to crafting custom fabric shades, we handle end-to-end restoration for all lighting varieties using time-honored techniques. Our personalized process focuses both on restoring aesthetics through patina improvement, dent removal, crack welding and more while also enhancing function with structural support, placements and bespoke enhancements making cherished pieces shine.

We work with interior designers, museums, heritage hotels and discerning homeowners seeking to protect the legacy of their antique lighting collections while upgrading them for everyday use.

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Why Sensitive Restoration Of Vintage Fixtures Matters​

While antique lighting sets the ambiance for period homes, damaged components, faulty wiring, and worn patinas can limit cherished pieces to being decorative items rather than functional accents. This is where our expert restoration comes in.

Retain Financial and
Heritage Value

Servicing and repairs by qualified restorers protect the financial investment and cultural legacy behind collectible lighting.

Enable Daily
Indoor Use

Upgrading wiring, bulbs, and placements allows enhanced visibility and usage without the safety worries of worn electrical parts.

Uphold Traditional

Specialized structural work, material recreation, and patina formulas respect traditional methods passed down by metal artisans.

Design Custom

Alongside restoration, we also reinterpret classics through patina changes, complementary lighting, and other bespoke touches.

Sensitive end-to-end restoration enables safe daily enjoyment of coveted antique lighting. Our passion is sharing their splendor far into this century by combining period materials and techniques with subtle modernizations.

Restoration Services For
Wrought Iron Lighting

With specialized expertise in the meticulous restoration of antique wrought iron fixtures, we offer comprehensive servicing tailored to different lighting pieces across homes.

Wrought Iron Chandeliers

  • Full disassembly for cleaning accumulated dirt and corrosion
  • Missing component recreation to restore symmetrical intricacy
  • Broken section welding, frame polishing, and touches like crystal restringing

Why Homeowners and Designers Prefer SH
Studios for Lighting Restoration

Years of Regional Restoration Experience

5 generations of master artisans trained in Europe's finest restoration workshops

Guaranteed Period Craftsmanship

Authentic techniques and materials chosen over modern shortcuts

Designer Partnerships

Trusted by the region's top interior designers and historic building consultants

Bespoke Design Capabilities

The in-house metal/wood fab facility lets us create custom lighting from concept

White Glove Handling

We transport your delicate fixtures in climate-controlled vehicles and work in dust-free spaces.

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Bring new life into treasured antique lighting with our specialist restoration services - get in touch for a free consultation and estimate.

The goal of historic restoration is, of course, to create products that look like the original. In many cases, the original methods of production are a vital part of the design. However, making something that is the same size, shape, and material is only part of the process; additional requirements like making the new fixtures conform to modern building codes and fit within budget limitations are also part of the challenge. With over 40+ years of experience manufacturing hand-made light fixtures, we at S.H. Studios are confident we’ll be able to handle these difficult requirements with ease.

If you don’t know where to begin, we’ll assist you in making the best selections. Please submit a brief description of your job objective and provide photos if you can, and someone from our team will reach out to help.

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