SH Studios Terms & Conditions

Our products are meticulously crafted using blacksmithing techniques, with a keen focus on quality. Each piece undergoes a thorough process, including sanding, removal of slag, smoothing of welds, filling of cracks, and a comprehensive quality inspection for an impeccable appearance. While small imperfections, grind marks, slight size differences, and variations in hand-applied finishes may occur, these are not considered defects. Instead, they contribute to the unique character of each product, crafted with individual personality by our skilled craftsmen.

Premium finishes are meticulously hand-applied to elevate the overall aesthetic, providing an authentic aged and elegant appearance. Please note that hand-applied finishes may exhibit variations in intensity and shading compared to website pictures.

Wrought iron products are prone to rust and fading over time with sun exposure. To address this, we offer 5-year and 30-year warranties against rust, recommended for locations with harsh sun and excessive moisture. Refer to our warranty information for details.

To maintain the freshness of the finishes over the lifetime of wrought iron products, regular maintenance is essential. We recommend applying car wax to metal products four times a year to preserve the luster and beauty of the hand-applied finishes. Additionally, we provide refurbishing and refinishing services for all our products.

Pricing & Payments:


  • All prices, whether listed on our official website or provided in a written quotation, are net prices, inclusive of all applicable taxes and fees. While prices are subject to change without notice, confirmed orders remain unaffected. Proposals hold validity for 30 days from the initial proposal date, and shipping costs may be adjusted on the actual ship date.

Volume Discounts:

  • Enjoy additional discounts based on your order total:
  • 10% discount for orders over $3500.
  • 15% discount for orders surpassing $7500.

Trade Accounts:

  • Design professionals with a valid resale license qualify for special discounts. Please contact the showroom to inquire about applicable discounts.

Payment Terms:

  • For orders under $10,000, the total balance is due at the time of order placement.
  • Orders ranging from $10,001.00 to $24,999.00 require a 50% deposit at the time of order placement, with the balance due upon completion before shipping.
  • Orders exceeding $25,000 entail a clear breakdown in the invoice or contract, specifying a ⅓ deposit, ⅓ partial payment at completion on metalwork, and the final balance upon completion.

Accepted Payment Methods:

  • We accept payments through Check, Credit Card, and Wire Transfer. All orders must be fully paid upon completion for release for shipment or will call.


  • We offer complimentary storage for completed orders for up to 15 days. Items stored beyond this period may incur restocking and/or storage fees. An email notification will be sent concerning your order's completion, storage deadline, and daily storage fees for overdue pick-up. If unable to collect your order by the storage deadline, please call to arrange final payment and request an extended storage period. Orders left unpaid in storage after 30 days from the notice date are subject to forfeiture to SHS and may be sent for collection.


  • All transactions are conducted in USD. Customers are responsible for any currency conversion fees or fluctuations.

Governing Law:

  • This agreement is governed by the laws of Santa Barbara County, and any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Santa Barbara County.

Product Information and Definitions:

  • All hanging fixtures include up to 3 feet of chain. Additional chain is available at $9.00-20.00 per foot.
  • Wall sconces and chandelier shades are sold separately, with shades included in the price of table and floor lamps.
  • All option selections, such as finish, glass, OAH (Overall Height) of chandeliers, and any other special requirements, must be determined at the time of order.

Definitions & Terms:

Outdoor lanterns offer various mounting options suitable for different outdoor locations, including Wet or Damp Locations. Here's a breakdown of the options:

  1. Wall Bracket: Wall-mounted fixtures with a canopy and bracket arm extending the lantern from the wall.
  2. Flush Mount: Lantern mounted directly to the wall with the canopy attached to the back of the lantern.
  3. Pier Mount: Lanterns mounted on top of walls and columns. The canopy is attached at the bottom of the lantern.
  4. Post Mount: Lanterns mounted to a pole. The canopy is replaced by a metal sleeve that fits over or is attached to a pole.
  5. Wall Sconces: Wall-mounted fixtures with separated exposed candles, cylinders, or shades, typically for indoor use in Dry locations.
  6. Chandeliers: Hanging fixtures incorporating exposed candle lights, designated by size in width and height. They can be supported by chain, rods, or cable, measured by Width x Height. Width is always noted first, followed by height.
  7. Pendants: Hanging fixtures with candles or light sockets contained within a compartment.
  8. Flush Ceiling Mount: Fixtures that attach directly to the ceiling.
  9. Semi-Flush Ceiling Mounts: Fixtures without arms, hung close to the ceiling.
  10. Ground Mount Fixtures: Outdoor lanterns used for lighting landscapes and installed into the ground.

Outdoor Lanterns are available in either Electric or Manual Gas options:

  1. Electric Lanterns: Powered by electricity and require light bulbs, LED modules, or other electric-powered lighting elements.
  2. Manual Gas Lanterns: Lit by hand with a flame and adjusted with a gas valve to the desired flame height. The same gas valve is used to shut off the gas supply. No auto-ignition gas lanterns with electric assist are offered.
  3. OAH (Overall Height): A term describing the total measurement from the very bottom design element to the very top feature of a fixture. For hanging fixtures, OAH includes the hanging element (chain, rods, or cable). To determine the correct overall height, subtract the desired measurement from the floor (e.g., 7’6” min.) from the total measurement to the hanging location. For example, if the ceiling height is 10’ and you want the fixture to hang no lower than 7’6” off the floor, then the OAH is 10 - 7.5 = 2.5 or 30” OAH.
  4. Correctly written measurements: Width x Height x Projection.
  5. Correctly written Diameter: 36” dia.
  6. POA (Point of Attachment): The location where the fixture is mounted to the wall.
  7. Point of Attachment to Top: Measurement from POA to the top of the fixture.
  8. Point of Attachment to Bottom: Measurement from POA to the bottom of the fixture.

Delivery & Lead Times:

Delivery Times:

  • We take pride in offering a distinctive experience that sets us apart from other lighting companies and showrooms. We provide a plethora of choices, including various styles, sizes, mounting configurations, colors, glass finishes, modifications, and special considerations to customize each product according to your individual needs. Most of our products are meticulously crafted from scratch, involving a labor-intensive process that takes time to achieve excellence.

Lead Times:

  • Typically, lead times are 10-12 weeks from the date of the deposit, though they may vary throughout the year. Please contact us to confirm the current lead times. An estimated completion date is indicated at the top of each order, post-dated 12 weeks from the day we receive your deposit.
  • For customers with a need for expedited delivery, we offer a rush program, completing orders in 4-6 weeks from the deposit or approved submittal. The rush program incurs a 25% upcharge and is subject to shop capacity. Availability is communicated upon inquiry. Our ready-to-ship items are also available for immediate delivery; please see our inventory for details. Delivery times are estimated, and occasional delays may arise due to unforeseen events. Customers will be promptly notified of order completion.

Modifications, Custom Work & Return Policy:

Custom and Modified Work Acceptance:

  • We eagerly embrace custom work based on your provided pictures or drawings. Quotations for custom products are available upon request. Requests for custom products must include specific details such as measurements, size, quantity, and any special considerations. All custom products require a drawing for approval, and a new design/engineering/submittal fee will be disclosed at the time of purchase.

Standard Product Modifications:

  • In most cases, we provide the flexibility to modify our standard products to meet your specific requirements. Modifications may include part exchanges, additions or subtractions of design elements, or alterations to the product size. Modified products are non-returnable and are subject to a drawing and submittal fee, which will be disclosed at the time of purchase.

Engineering and Modification Drawings:

  • An Engineering drawing is mandatory for all Custom and Modified products. A fee of $495.00 will be charged for each Custom design drawing and $395.00 for each Modified design drawing. All engineering drawings are based on information received from customers and serve as the final document for accuracy in fabrication, OAH, finish, and glass choices. One revision, not exceeding two hours of engineering time, is included at no charge for each Custom and Modification order. Additional revisions will be charged at $135.00/hr. A signed submittal is required for all custom and modified products, providing comprehensive information, detailing, and illustrating the modifications or custom design. This document establishes the standard of compliance for both the customer and SHS.

Return Policy:

  • Defective Items:
    • If you receive an order with a manufacturing defect made by the studio, we will promptly repair or replace it at no charge. Refer to limits of liability for more details.
  • Non-Defective Returns:
    • For returns unrelated to manufacturing defects, a 25% restocking fee will be applied. All returns must be approved by the studio before being initiated. No cash refunds will be issued; instead, showroom credit will be provided for items returned in good condition. All products must be returned within 30 days after receiving delivery, and items must be in their original condition, uninstalled.

Shipping Policy:

Shipping Costs:

  • Orders will be shipped prepaid. Shipping costs, whether local or long distance, are not included in the list price of the products.

Will Call Orders:

  • Will call orders are packed in foam bags at no charge, but this packaging is not intended for freight hauling. It is the responsibility of the will-call receiver to inspect each item before loading it into their vehicle. Any damage occurring after the items leave our possession will be the responsibility of the will-call receiver. Please inquire about packing costs if you require packaging for freight hauling or pick up.

Damaged Merchandise:

  • Shipping claims for damaged merchandise must be made with the responsible shipping company within 24 hours of delivery. All packages should be inspected upon delivery, and if any damage is discovered, the package should not be accepted, or its contents should be immediately inspected for damage. Claims must be made within 24 hours of delivery. Take pictures of packing material and save the packaging for evidence. Contact the shipper immediately upon discovering damaged goods.

Failure to Follow Claim Requirements:

  • Failure to follow claim requirements will delay or cancel any claim and result in the customer paying round-trip delivery fees to the factory for repair or replacement.

White Glove Delivery Service in California: Guaranteed Safe Delivery!

  • Scheduled delivery times
  • Guaranteed safe delivery
  • All products unloaded and placed in any 1st-floor location
  • Packing boxes removed
  • Each item inspected by the consignee and signed off as accepted
  • Any damaged or incorrect products will be returned to the factory or fixed on location
  • This premium service is recommended for multiple product orders, large items, fragile products, or additional customer-requested convenience. It eliminates the need for pallets and custom crates.

Shipping and Packaging Guidelines:

Due to the weight and delicate nature of our products, they require special packaging to endure the rigors of freight hauling. Shipping costs encompass both packaging and shipping expenses. Typically, these costs amount to approximately 10% of the total order. However, for specific items like chandeliers, fire screens, those shipped long distances, and large items, shipping costs may range between 15-20% of the total. The following packing cost guidelines apply:

  • Chandelier up to 38″w: $75.00 - 125.00
  • Chandelier 39″ wide to 50″w: $95.00 - 145.00
  • Chandelier 51″w and larger: Quoted at the time of ordering
  • Pendant up to 14″w: $45.00 - 95.00
  • Pendant up to 14” with glass panels: $60.00 - 115.00
  • Pendant 16″-22”: $65.00 - 125.00
  • Pendants larger than 22”: Quoted at the time of ordering
  • Exterior lanterns up to 28″h: $50.00 - 95.00
  • Exterior lanterns 29″h to 48″h: $95.00 - 125.00
  • Wall sconces up to 28″h: $30.00 - 55.00
  • Wall sconces 29″h to 60″h: $50.00 - 125.00

Many orders consist of multiple pieces of varying sizes and fragility. The cost of packing these orders will vary and will be considered when determining the packing cost. The packing quote for such orders can only be provided after establishing the designs included.

Transportation costs for shipping will be charged at the time of order placement. We will calculate the packing costs based on the size of the items ordered, and these costs will be added to the order amount at the time of shipment, collected prior to shipping.

Limit of Liability:

  • Steven Handelman Studios' liability is strictly limited to the repair or replacement of any item found to have a defect caused by the original workmanship of our studio. Damage resulting from shipping should be claimed against the shipper (see shipping information). All returned items must be authorized by SHS. Repairs conducted outside SHS must be pre-authorized and may invalidate U.L. certification. Our liability excludes any removal or reinstallation costs.

Memo Policy:

  • Understanding the challenges of decision-making based on pictures or catalog specifications, we offer a memo policy. We provide fixtures from our "library" for you to assess the size and weight, although the sample may not be in a custom color or include glass. To utilize this service, we require a current credit card number. You will be responsible for the shipping costs, and the product should be returned in good condition within three days of receipt. Memo availability is subject to confirmation.

Technical Specifications:

U.L. Testing and Certification:

  • To guarantee safe use, all our lighting products undergo rigorous U.L. testing, inspection, and certification. Outdoor fixtures are U.L. listed for Wet Location applications, while chandeliers and wall sconces are U.L. listed for Dry Location applications.

Heavy-Duty Canopies:

  • Hanging fixtures weighing over 50 lbs. are equipped with heavy-duty canopies. Installation of these canopies necessitates blocking at the j-box to accommodate our flush mount canopies, as standard J-box connections cannot support these heavy-duty canopies.

Fixture Wattage Restrictions:

  • Fixtures are tested for 60w/socket unless otherwise noted. Fixtures featuring Extra Large resin candles are limited to 25w, while all other resin candle sleeves are restricted to 40W. (Most LED light bulbs do not exceed 4W).
  • These technical specifications ensure adherence to safety standards and provide essential information about the installation requirements for specific fixtures. For any inquiries or further clarification, please contact our customer service/technical support at +1 (805) 962 - 5119.