Cozying Up Modern Homes and Spaces with Spanish Lighting

Popularized in the late 1900’s, Spanish lighting enhances modern homes with carved metal, ember glass, and incredibly fine detailing. Spanish lighting designers take inspiration from mission-style furniture and houses, defined with lines and panels. Bask in the warm illumination and crisp statement pieces that come with Spanish lighting fixtures.

Antique Spanish Lighting: Striking a Balance Between Light and Mood

With its roots serving as an industry relief for mass-produced furnishings in the late 19th century, Spanish-style light fixtures are refreshing additions to indoor and outdoor spaces. Envision walking into a space that is easy on the eyes. Supplement this feeling with the light visual weight of Spanish-style lighting for an elevated atmosphere.

Modern Spanish Lighting

Modern Spanish Lighting: Captivating Focal Points for Any Space

For homeowners and interior designers in search of show-stopping furnishings to embellish their homes, modern Spanish lighting fixtures can draw attention and strike conversation at any time. Spanish-style pendant lighting adds just the right texture and drama in kitchens and bedrooms. The rustic allure of Spanish wrought iron lighting fixtures also enhances the setting for an enjoyable family dinner in the dining area.

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Spanish-style Outdoor Lighting: Illuminating with Picturesque Elegance

The unique appeal of Spanish-style lighting fixtures is the sentimentality it adds to the atmosphere. The crisp metalworks of Spanish lighting are reminiscent of the olden days, creating a picture-perfect patio or walkway for your home.

Spanish-style outdoor lights are the ideal furnishings for picturesque barbecue evenings and picnics. Enjoy the sense of nostalgia as you frolic with the family out in the yard, with Spanish-style wall lights lit in the background.

Spanish Wrought Iron Lighting: Timeless Versatility for All Home Styles

If you think wrought iron is too dark, bleak, and boring for your home, let SH Lighting change your mind. Imagine walking into a receiving area with pastel and beige furnishings. The visual design is cohesive, but add a Spanish-style flush mount ceiling light in wrought iron, and voila: you are hooked to stay and appreciate the room!

Spanish wrought iron lighting fixtures are timeless pieces. No matter your home style and lighting scheme of choice, wrought iron furnishings instantly elevate the atmosphere.


Blend Old-School Charm and Modern Elegance with Spanish Lighting

The expansive list of lighting options and styles available in the market can be overwhelming without the right experts to assist you. At SH Lighting, we take pride in providing quality support and consultation for all your lighting needs. Whether you’re looking for quaint accent lighting or extravagant statement pieces, our designers, researchers, and consultants are just a call away to offer assistance.

We cater a collection of Spanish lighting fixtures- flip through our product catalog for your perfect furnishing, or jot down inspiration for a custom order today!

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