Order Info – How to Pick a Product

Order Info – How to Pick a Product

When choosing outdoor lighting it is not always necessary to have the same style throughout although that is okay too. Choosing two different compatible styles can be interesting. Each side of the building could have the same style fixture although in different sizes: (ie. larger on the garage than by the patio doors. Or the courtyard could have a different style than the front door.

The size of each fixture is dependent on the area of installation. 8” wide fixtures look better next to standard height doors. 10” wide fixtures or larger look impressive when hung next to larger doors or on large walls.

To approximate the correct size ,make a rough mock-up of the fixtures you are interested in using cardboard, string and tape is a great way to approximate the 3-D fixture in place. All measurements are listed in the catalog for each fixture. Start with the biggest size you are considering. It is easier to cut down your mock-up from a bigger to a smaller size.

All of our fixtures are priced in the catalog in our standard black finish and with clear glass. We offer 14 other beautifully hand applied finishes other than standard black and other glass choices which are listed under upgrades in the catalog. The hand applied finishes bestow the handmade wrought iron with elegance and an authentic aged look.

Although we take great care in applying finishes to our products, they may require maintenance over their lifetime. Because of the nature of wrought iron products, our finishes are not guaranteed against rust.

The outdoor lanterns have five different glass choices.
Honey opal looks like light amber honey and is opaque. The light bulb will not show with this type of glass.
The Heavy Seedy glass is the most diffused clear glass selection with lots of small air bubbles trapped in the glass.
The Light Seedy and Restoration glass has the appearance of old handmade imperfect glass.
The Hammered glass looks like a ball peened, hammered, surface.

All Wall sconces are U.L. certified for Dry locations.

All wall sconces are rated 60w/socket 120v.

Wall sconces are made in wrought iron and/or with brass parts. All brass parts are sandblasted to insure a good finish bond.

All wall sconces are priced without shades. Shades are priced individually and one may order shades other than what is shown in catalog pictures.

All wall sconce height measurements include shades or 3” light bulbs in candle sconces.
Switches can be added to most wall sconces.

All chandeliers are U.L. certified for dry location.

All chandeliers are rated 60w/120v/ socket.

Chandeliers include 3’ chain. Extra chain may be ordered at $6.00/ft.Please specify over all height of chandelier at time of order. ( O.A.H.) Measure from point of attachment at ceiling to bottom of fixture.

Our larger chandeliers are heavy and include our custom heavy duty canopy. Please provide additional support/ blocking at the ceiling electrical box to accommodate our surface mounted canopy.

Sizing Tip Chandeliers in a dining room are size dependent on the table they hang over. A chandelier should be about 2/3’s of the size of the width of the dining room table and hang from 30” to 36” above that table.

When sizing chandeliers that will hang up in a room for general illumination, they should relate to the room size. If the chandelier hangs in between trusses, use the distance between the trusses as the critical measurement. Chandeliers should hang at least 7’6” above the floor

Most chandeliers can be made in larger sizes even if not shown in catalog.

All outdoor lanterns are U.L. certified for wet locations.

All outdoor lanterns are rated for 60w/socket 120v.

Most of the outdoor lanterns can be made in wall bracket, post mount and pendants mounting configurations and in larger sizes even though not shown in catalog. All height measurements include brackets and canopies.

All lanterns are available with our premium hand applied finishes and glass upgrades.

All outdoor lanterns are designated by their width size measured at its widest point. (ie. Montecito 10″ is 10″ wide at its widest point.)

A powder coat upgrade is available on our outdoor lanterns for an additional costs. This very strong baked on finish is used as a base coat, with our premium finish applied over it to insure a beautiful appearance. The Powder Coat finish will increase the life of the lantern and will protect the wrought iron from rust, We recommend powder coating for all lanterns near the ocean or in wet, humid climates.

Our one panel or three panel freestanding fireplace screen styles and can be custom made to size. Please notice weight of screens, if they are to be moved about to access firebox.

We specialize in custom sized built-in firescreens with operating doors which are the ultimate in safety and convenience.

Custom screens are made as two mounting styles:

Flush Mount: Larger than firebox opening and fits on outside surface of firebox surround.

Inside Mount: Smaller than firebox opening and fits inside edge of firebox surround.

Both mounting styles have flexible mounting tabs that attach to the inside fireplace walls. These tabs are not designed to hold the weight of the firescreen, only to keep them in a vertical position. If your fireplace is raised off the ground with no hearth, please advise us so that we may make the proper modifications.

All firescreen orders must be accompanied by an accurate measurements showing the firebox opening size. Use the form “How to Measure” supplied in catalog to list measurements, mounting configurations, style, finish upgrade and heart location.

Any fireplace opening with arched top must have an accurate template provided with order.

Firescreens come with heavy woven wire mesh. Tempered glass is also available in place of screen. See upgrade charge.

Most of our fixtures can be made in larger sizes.

We are U.L. certified to install HID lamping in our large fixtures.

We can modify fixtures to be ADA compliant.

We can create a family of products to compliment and fulfill a variety of commercial needs.

One of a kind pieces can be fabricated.

Fixture shells can be fabricated to enclose existing function only lighting. This is a great way to remodel commercial lighting with out changing existing HID lights.

We will fabricate street lighting.

We are U.L. certified to install HID, open flame glass, & Fluorescent lamping in our fixtures. Please consult with our studio designer for specific requirements.

Modifications to our products are possible to accommodate special circumstances. Larger size fixtures can be made. Electrical cover canopies and wall plates can be lengthened.

All modifications though must be approved by our designer and there are minimum orders.

We do accept custom work. Submit your detailed drawing or picture to our designer for review.