Our Order Process for Made-to-Order Wrought Iron Lighting & Products

Standard Products

These are all of the products represented in our catalog and web site in their original unchanged form. We will “customize” these products with our standard choices for finish, glass, and mountingconfiguration. Standard products may be returned with studio permission. A 25% restock fee will apply and storecredit will be issued for the return.

New Size Products

These are standard products in every way, except they are made larger, or smaller in direct scaled proportion to the original. These products require a drawing showing the new size and must be submitted for approval to the customer. New size products cannot be returned, and are subject to a “new size/ submittal fee” disclosed at the time of purchase.

Modified Products

These are products that are modified in some way to change them from the Standard form. They may exchange a part, or add, or subtract a design element, or some other modification required for the job. These products cannot be returned and require a new drawing/ submittal fee that will be disclosed at the time of purchase.

Custom Products

These are products that are new and different from our Standard product line. We will quote prices for custom lighting products upon request. Specific information regarding size, quantity and special considerations must be supplied at the time of the request. All custom products require drawings that will be submitted for approval. A new design/submittal fee shall be required and will be disclosed at the time of purchase. These products cannot be returned.