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  • Width: 10"
  • Height: 27"
  • Projection: 15
  • Canopy Size: 5.5" x 13"
  • Max Wattage: (1) LED 4 w.modulew
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • POA to Top: 18.5"
  • POA to Bottom: 8.5"
  • Sockets: 1
  • Weather Location: Wet

If you live near the ocean, or in extreme weather locales (wet or dry), we suggest you add an extended warranty for outdoor lighting. Click here for more detailed warranty information.
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What is dark sky compliance?
The movement of the dark sky is to reduce the lighting pollution created by noncompliance outdoor lighting and lighting with poor design. We are committed to designing architectural lighting with the old-world look to be compliant and help reduce a large amount of outdoor lighting pollution.
Dark Sky compliant outdoor lighting is designed to direct light to the ground, not up into the sky where it can contribute to light pollution. Even if you don’t live in a community that has a dark sky ordinance, there are many sound reasons for applying the basic ideas to your home lighting scheme.

How can we identify light pollution?
Any artificial light is called light pollution, and that includes sky glow, impaired visibility from light glare coming out of any outdoor light fixture, and is also identified as light trespass, as well as energy waste created by the light coming out of the fixture.
Why light pollution matter?
Light pollution disturbs the ecological balance and wildlife and has negative consequences for human health, this light pollution requires energy that is obtained by burning fossil fuels, which leads to another type of pollution in our environment. Across the nation, states are increasingly adopting outdoor lighting ordinances. While policies vary from state to state.
What does dark-sky compliance mean?
Dark-sky compliant light fixtures are designed to reduce light pollution, minimize glare,
A fixture must be fully shielded and emit no light above the horizontal plane. There shall be no sag or drop lenses, side light panels, up light panels, etc. Approved Fixtures shall employ warm-toned (2700 – 3000K and lower) white light sources.

SH Studios Lighting Designs
Many of our lighting fixtures are already Dark Sky compliant. SH Studios typically uses e26 medium base or e12 candelabra base sockets tucked inside to roof area of the lighting fixture as to not allow the light to travel above the horizontal plane of the light source. Please feel free to browse our website and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you see something you like and would like to see if it can be made to be Dark Sky compliant.

In Summary:
Dark sky compliance refers to the use of outdoor lighting fixtures that minimize light pollution and are designed to direct light towards the ground rather than upward or outward. It involves using shielded fixtures that emit no light above the horizontal plane and employ warm-toned light sources. Dark sky compliance is important for preserving the natural darkness of the night sky, reducing energy waste, and preventing negative impacts on wildlife and human health. Many states have adopted outdoor lighting ordinances to promote dark sky compliance. SH Studios offers dark sky compliant lighting fixtures that align with these principles.


Dark Sky compliance is required in many areas of California and other states. The requirement is that the light does not shine up into the sky. We are able to convert any of our outdoor lanterns to dark sky by moving the location of the light bulb to a covered roof location. We usually will use a LED module to accomplish this. In the case of the Charleston, we also added metal panels to the glass roof.

The sizes listed under this product are what come standard for this fixture. The cost to modify a fixture is $395 + the price of the new fixture. We will require a signed submittal from you before going into production. If you have any special sizing request, please add this item to your order. On the checkout page, you’ll have the opportunity to provide your desired measurements and request a proposal. We’ll price out the new version for you!

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Large: 10-12" =$ 225.00

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Medium: 7-9" = $ 165.00
Large: 10-12" =$ 195.00

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