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How to keep up with the Trends without being “Trendy”

wrought iron lamp,wrought iron lanterns

The Lafayette Chandelier is a new design that reflects the newest trends in Architectural lighting. Quality craftsmanship and classic style ensures its longevity.

Keeping up with trends while designing classic enduring products is challenging.

In the Fashion World styles change rapidly.  Every season fashion designers are expected to come up with new ideas.  The “newest thing” is good for business. It keeps the fashion line exciting and encourages the same customers to buy the latest styles.  These short cycle “fashion” designs are expected and welcomed. However, with this demand to create so many new designs, those designs frequently do not last very long and are considered “trendy”.

Architectural Designs are expected to last a while.

Architectural trends change more slowly.   The designers of Hospitality Architecture lead the way in new trends for architectural products. Hotels and Resorts need to keep current and promote fresh ideas to continue to attract customers.  Also the wear and tear on public buildings require they be up-dated often so they do not look worn out and shabby.   Steven Handelman Studios is dedicated to designing and fabricating  quality products that will stand the test of time and become the classics of the future.   In order to achieve this goal,  it is important to understand the origins of classic design. 

Ancient World Architecture is the key to understanding how to create classic designs

Historically, designers and builders had to rely on what building materials were available and the technology of the day.

wrought iron lamps,wrought iron table lamps

The Maddox Flush Mount lantern relies on strong geometry for its design

The result of these limitations created designs that had a purity of form.  The early classic designs still dominate the styles of today.

The hardest thing to accomplish in design is simplicity which is interesting and provocative.  The simpler the design, the more reliance is placed on the materials used and craftsmanship to create exceptional finished products.

The current trend of simple geometric shapes is as classic as it gets

wrought iron lamps,wrought iron table lamps

The Laredo Wall Bracket lantern has classic shapes with rustic textures in a contemporary shape.

Metallic finishes, clean lines and a bit of sparkle thrown in for a little more excitement are elements of this new trend.   While Steven Handelman Studios still creates products inspired by the past,  we stay current with a large variety of new products that relates these new trends.

wrought iron lamp,wrought iron lanterns

The Cylinder Grid chandelier is bold, geometric and sculptural.

At Steven Handelman Studios we fabricate products for designers working on Hotels, Restaurants,Resorts, Public Buildings and Private Homes.  Many of the designs we do for them are simple geometric shapes like the  42″ dia. “cylinder grid” chandelier.  Making simple shapes like this requires very precise craftsmanship to maintain the quality.