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Notable Projects

Notable Projects:

There have been many Notable Projects in my 48 years as the principal designer and founder of Steven Handelman Studios

Yale University, UCLA, UCSD, Cal Tech, all the Disney Land Theme Parks worldwide. The Royal House of Saud, The Dubai Opera House,78 Country Clubs, including Pebble Beach and The Greenbriar to name just a few.

The most fun and challenging jobs have distinct and unusual themes. These projects promote the opportunity to explore new ideas, techniques and styles. They challenge the status quo and refresh my creativity.

Here are three examples that fall into that category.

Danish Farmhouse, Solvang, Ca.

Solvang is a beautiful town in central California that is known as the “Danish Capital of America.”  The downtown is filled with charming Danish-style buildings that transport over a million visitors each year to a different time and place.

Ferd Sorensen

I was contracted to design and fabricate all lighting and decorative architectural elements for an authentic Danish farmhouse that was being completely refurbished..

Downtown Solvang

The historic house was  built by, “the father of Solvang architecture”, Ferd Sorenson. In 1940, Ferd, a local woodworker and builder constructed an authentic  Danish style windmill next to his home. This event started a trend that would define the destiny of Solvang. Over the next 30 years Ferd built most of the Danish Provincial style buildings in downtown Solvang.This home was built in  1956  for his niece who had come from Denmark.   He chose a lovely neighborhood with spectacular views of the Mountains to build this Danish Farmhouse.

The carved beams in the living room are classic Ferd Sorensen. On each beam are carved Viking  ships sailing on the ocean. The carving style was my inspiration for the pendants and wall sconces for the Living Room.

Living Room Pendant

My many years studying HistoricalArchitectural Styles enable me to create new designs that look correct for each period. Our skilled craftsmen then use the original techniques to fabricate each design creating an authentic look that can not be achieved with machine manufacturing.

The Niche/Mirror and sconces in the entry are typical of Ferd’s wood work.  I added a small metal viking ship detail  to the wood-turned sconces  which linked them to the Viking Ship Theme. In every room there are charming folk art embellishments.

I added the Dragon Lantern at the entry and what every Danish house needs..a stork on the roof.