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Jetsons at Nexus Landing

Jetsons at Nexus Landing


The Nexus Building in Seattle

This example of an unusual themed project is a Corporate Rental in downtown Seattle.  The designer/builder creates destination experiences for traveling corporate executives.  His latest offering is an apartment on the 28th floor of the newly constructed Nexus Building.  From every window there are terrific views of Seattle including the iconic Space Needle.

Like a lot of great ideas, the Space Needle began as a doodle on a napkin in 1959.  Edward Carleson, the chief organizer of the 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair had an idea for a dominant central tower structure that would make a permanent centerpiece for the fair and an enduring symbol for Seattle.

View of Space Needle

When my client explained what he wanted, my mind immediately started flashing pictures of how the finished product would look and how it would be constructed.  This ability to visualize and then manipulate those visions is a critical component in my design process.  I go through a systematic development process to establish a concept for each design.  I envisioned a  Space Needle  replica made of polished steel that would reflect light from its many surfaces.

Each part of the Space Needle  needed to be polished on all sides before being assembled.  In order to accomplish

space needle 3D printed model

this requirement, the entire assemble needed to be designed with separate pieces that would fit together like a puzzle.   Engineering drawings were converted to a special file that allowed us to make a 3D printed version of the completed sculpture.  Once the 3D model was completed we were able to figure out how the finished piece would be constructed without any welds showing.  The Gallery at the top was lighted and had to have a special shaped lease fitted to allow for a glowing light to be inserted into the cavity.

We also fabricated a space themed light for the Kitchen and  Desk Lamps that would compliment the Space Needle bedside lamps.