Wrought Iron Wall Sconces

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Euclid Large Double Wall Sconce



Hurricane Small Single



La Scalina Medium Double Wall Sconce



Lancaster Medium Double Wall Sconce



Langford Medium Double Wall Sconce



Langford Medium Double Wall Sconce long tail



Lavern Small Single Wall Sconce with castio shade



Libretto Large Triple Triple Shade Wall Sconce



Libretto Medium Double Wall Sconce



Libretto Medium Triple Wall Sconce



Libretto Small Single Wall Sconce


Wrought Iron Wall Sconce Lizanne Double Candle

Lizanne Small Double Wall Sconce


Wrought Iron Wall Sconce Lizanne Single Candle

Lizanne Small Single Wall Sconce


Wrought Iron Wall Sconce Lowell

Lowell Medium Double Wall Sconce



Lucaisi Medium Double Wall Sconce



Lucaisi Small Single Long Wall Sconce



Lucaisi Small Single Wall Sconce



Lyceana Medium Double Shade



Lyceana Small Single Wall Sconce



Maise Large Triple Wall Sconce long tail



Marty Small Single Wall Sconce



Melbourn Small Single Wall Sconce



Mimosa Small Single Cylinder



Neela Small Double Wall Sconce



Wrought Iron Wall Sconces

Elevate Your Home Decor with SH Studios Wrought Iron Wall Sconces

When it comes to enhancing your home’s ambiance and adding a touch of sophistication, wrought iron wall sconces for candles and electric variants offer a timeless and versatile solution. SH Studios brings you a range of wrought iron wall sconces that perfectly combine aesthetics and functionality. Browse our collection now to find the perfect additions to your home. Your dream decor is just a click away.

What are Wrought Iron Wall Sconces?

Wrought iron wall sconces are lighting fixtures made from hand-forged iron that mount directly onto walls. Often featuring intricate metalwork accents, these sconces infuse any space with old-world charm. Compact and versatile, they are ideal for small spaces and creating ambiance throughout your home.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Wall Sconces

  • Timeless elegance – Wrought iron sconces add vintage allure to any décor
  • Artistic styles – Choose from Rustic, Craftsman, Modern, Industrial, and Spanish designs
  • Functional lighting – Illuminate hallways, accent artwork, amplify architectural details
  • Durable and long-lasting – Withstands decades of daily use; gains a patina over time
  • Perfect for small spaces – Compact size ideal for entryways, bathrooms, stairwells
  • Easy installation – Mounts directly onto walls with minimal wiring required

The SH Studios Wall Scones Collection

Our collection of wrought iron sconces includes a variety of artistic styles to match any home’s décor.

Rustic – Featuring organic shapes and blackened iron with bronze accents 

Craftsman – Clean lines and geometric details nod to the Arts & Crafts era 

Modern – Sleek, contemporary sconces with a minimalist aesthetic 

Industrial – Bold shapes and metalwork for an urban chic look 

Spanish – Intricate scrollwork and metal accents inspired by Old World style 

Tuscan – Understated elegance reminiscent of the idyllic Italian countryside

Lighting Your Home with Scones

Accent small spaces – Perfectly sized for entryways, bathrooms, stairwells 

Highlight artwork – Cluster sconces around focal points or framed pieces 

Guide hallways – Line the walls to illuminate corridors and passageways 

Amp up architectural details – Draw attention to moldings, arches, and more 

Bedside reading lights – Install a pair above the bed for handy illumination

Let our elegant wrought iron sconces infuse your home with vintage-inspired beauty and illumination. Browse our collection today!